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One of my best clients that put in the work and is seeing the results of a flourishing business!!! 
Worked with the Famous Dai Fukusaku, located in Cow Bay - Prince Rupert. Here is a small snippet of things we spoke about.
Cindy Combs expands on how Consulting with a business professional has helped her business grow and thrive!
Daphne and her team have been nothing but great to work with, she was able to put out high quality branding, copy, graphics that required next to none of my time…
You need to call Daphne, you need to get in touch with Daphne, because she does fantastic work. 
Daphne went to all kinds of lengths to really understand me, understand my partners, understand my brand - everything they created was optimized 
One of the best decisions I’ve ever made… 
I highly recommend Daphne…  
I have a lot of new customers, and I am doing some online advertising… 
Daphne has taken me by the hand, and she has been fantastic - she has given me such a boost… 
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